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Modified - EPDM and Asphalt

  By using highly reflective elastomeric coatings as a "Sacrificial Barrier" to the harmful effects of UV, and the heat of Ifrared you can extend a roof's useful life two to three times its original service expectation. This results in lower energy costs, improved urban air quality and less debris in our landfills caused by unnecessary roof tear-offs.




  • 82% reflective coatings reduce energy cost.
  • Highly reflective coating reduce damage caused to roofs by UV rays.



  • Repair blisters and cracks.
  • repair seams flashing's and tears.
  • Rework shrinking membrane (single Ply's)



  • Elastomeric coatings protects against sun, water, weather and high temperatures.
  • Reduce thermal shock and extend useful life of current roof.
  • Longer roof life, less debris in landfills over the long term





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