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Metal Roof Restoration

   With ER Systems Restoration there is no time consuming fabric installation required, and the HER2000 is pumped easily along seams and fasteners. In addition both the primer and finish coats are rapidly pumped and spray applied to the metal finish. This not only improves appearance with an attractive, flexible and durable finish coat, but also drastically reduces maintenance costs.



Highest performing system - Lowest applied cost



  • 82%  Reflective coating.
  • Reduces thermal shock and extends roof life



  • Rust proofing, stops even the most severe rust



  • HER2000 seals seams, fasteners and penetrations without the use of fabric reinforcement.
  • Highly reflective top coat.
  • Minimizes expansion and contraction during extreme temperature changes.



  • Designed to maximize performance by using technology to lower labor cost.
  • Can be expensed as a maintenance cost , while roof replacement must be capitalized.

Watch a 8 min video about Metal Roof restoration


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