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Polyurethane Foam 
Metal roof 


 Polyurethane foam and Coatings


  A closed cell roofing and insulating material that can be applied directly over BUR, Modified Bitumen, Concrete, Wood and Metal. Since it adds very little weight its used as a recover system over existing roofs with out the need for costly tear-offs. To learn more click on the link

labeled Polyurethane Foam


 Metal Roof Restoration


  Restore by stopping the rust with primer, Protect by stopping leaks

with quality caulking and lastly preserve by extending the roof life with a highly reflective finish coat. To learn more click the link labeled Metal Roof


 EPDM - Modified Bitumen - Asphalt Restoration


  The sun weather and temperature extremes can cause adhesive failure, flashing deterioration and shrinking. As the system continues to age the probability of leaks increase. By restoring the roof and slowing down the aging process you extend the useful life of your current system. To learn more about this restoration process click the link labeled restorations.

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